Along with cooler temperatures, fall brings many environmental changes to Millersview, TX, including the delightful sounds and smells of nature. Pets and their owners enjoy spending time outdoors in the fall, but many pets tend to bring pollutants from the outdoors into the home. So, let’s talk about how pets impact indoor air quality (IAQ) inside your home.

Pets Track in Pollutants From Outside

Indoor/outdoor pets bring dirt and pollen from the outdoors into your home. They track in these pollutants on their paws and coats. And then they rub it onto every piece of furniture and every surface they touch.

Cleaning up after them is challenging enough, but a lot of the pollutants they bring indoors float up and into the air you and your family breathes. Fortunately, your HVAC filters capture some of those airborne particles, keeping them out of your HVAC system and out of your lungs.

Pet Dander Triggers Allergy Symptoms

Indoor pets also generate pet dander, which floats up into the air as well. Pet dander is different from fur, and it is the source of most people’s allergy symptoms. Choosing the right kind of air filter for your HVAC system can help remove pet dander from the air.

Pet Odors Make the Air Uncomfortable to Breathe

While you love your pets like family and enjoy snuggling with them on the couch, you’ll have to admit that the odors they emit make breathing uncomfortable. No matter how much you spray and scrub, some pet odors still linger.

While your HVAC filters do a great job of removing indoor pollutants, many pet owners will find that they need additional layers of protection. If you have multiple pets and family members with allergies and respiratory issues, a whole-home air cleaner will be a more robust solution.

If your family pets negatively impact the air quality in your home, don’t suffer any longer. Reach out to Bowles Heating and Cooling today to explore indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions for your home.

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