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5 Reasons to Invest in HVAC Maintenance This Fall

hvac maintenance contract

Schedule HVAC maintenance this fall, and you can reduce the potential for winter heating breakdowns by up to 95 percent. Compared to HVAC repairs and replacements, the cost of maintenance is small, and many San Angelo HVAC contractors offer discounts. Equipment servicing has other benefits as well:

1. Inner Peace

Severe weather is stressful for homeowners and HVAC systems alike. That’s when weak links are most likely to surface. Preventive maintenance is designed to keep weak links from developing. Your HVAC contractor will give your equipment a clean bill of health, and you can stop worrying about breakdowns until next year.

2. Cost Savings

Heating equipment cannot perform efficiently when it’s coated with dirty buildup from last season. HVAC systems are most efficient when they’re clean and free of airflow obstructions. A properly maintained system will keep you warmer, and heating your home will cost you less.

3. Longer System Service Life

Heaters that are serviced annually experience less wear and tear over time, so they last longer. An HVAC system that’s been carefully maintained can live well beyond its usual lifespan.

4. Healthier Indoor Air

The crud that accumulates on your HVAC system can pollute indoor air and degrade your equipment. The thorough cleaning that’s part of every maintenance visit helps to keep indoor air quality high.

5. Safe Equipment Operation

Furnaces with improper gas pressure, dirty burners or poor fuel connections are safety hazards. HVAC systems with loose electrical connections or faulty wiring can cause fires. Leaks due to clogged condensate drain lines can cause extensive property damage. A tune-up can rectify these dangers, so your equipment operates safely.

The team at Bowles Heating and Cooling can keep your San Angelo home comfortable and safe this winter. Call us at (325) 208-1892 to learn about our comprehensive HVAC maintenance services.

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