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Why Is My Furnace So Noisy in Ozona, TX?

Furnaces 101

Furnaces typically product little to no sound when running. Loud noises may indicate that something is awry and needs attention from a qualified professional. The following are some noises that might suggest an issue with your furnace in Ozona, TX.


Rattling may indicate a loose part that needs tightening or a cracked heat exchanger. Loose components are one issue typically noticed during furnace maintenance. If you hear rattling, shut down your system, and call a technician to troubleshoot the issue.

Banging or Popping

Don’t worry if you hear popping or banging noises from your furnace when it goes on or off, as it’s usually a sign of the ductwork cooling down or warming up. However, consider these sounds potentially problematic if they aren’t matching up with the furnace going on or off or they’re unusually loud or recurring.


A grinding sound from a furnace signifies a problem that needs quick attention. In many cases, it’s the bearings or blower wheel. Letting your system operate in this fashion will likely make the noises louder and cause the issue to worsen, so turn off the heating system until a professional can look at it.

Humming or Buzzing

A furnace may produce a low sound stemming from its internal electrical components. However, a loud humming or buzzing usually indicates something is wrong with the electrical system. Other problems can range from issues with the blower motor to a loose part.


Blocked vents, a leak and a dirty air filter are a few of the reasons you might hear a whistling noise from your furnace. Make sure your vents aren’t blocked, and replace the air filter if it’s dirty. A leak requires an expert HVAC technician.

Don’t let strange furnace noises lead you to be without warmth. Call Bowles Heating and Cooling to schedule a furnace repair. Set an appointment in advance, or call us for same-day service.

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