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What Does an Air Conditioning Maintenance Visit Entail?

air conditioning maintenance

Your San Angelo home’s air conditioning system is a complicated setup with hundreds of different electrical and mechanical parts. All of those parts need to be working properly in order for the system to keep your home cool and comfortable during the long Texas summers. A springtime maintenance visit ensures that your cooling system is ready for the hot weather. Here’s what the air conditioning maintenance visit entails.

Inspection, Cleaning and Lubrication of Parts

During an air conditioning maintenance visit, the technician inspects the entire air conditioning system. The wiring and connections of the control board and thermostat are checked for wear and damage. The technician also lubricates moving parts, including the motor and fan. The coils, fins and condensate drain are cleaned. If any of the air conditioning system’s parts need to be repaired or replaced, the technician may do it during the maintenance visit or come back at another time to complete the repair. The technician also checks and cleans or replaces the system’s air filter.

Airflow and Cooling Tests

According to the Department of Energy, another important part of a maintenance visit is checking the airflow through the evaporator coil. This is a measure of how effective the system is at cooling your home. Low airflow could mean a dirty filter, coils or fins, or a refrigerant leak. Low airflow could also result from duct problems.

Examination for Leaks

Another part of the maintenance visit for your air conditioning system is checking for refrigerant leaks. A refrigerant leak causes your air conditioner to lose effectiveness. Leaks also decrease the system’s energy efficiency. If too much of the refrigerant leaks out, the system loses pressure. This results in the system going into an automatic shutdown in order to avoid major damage.

For more information about how AC maintenance can benefit you and your home, check out the Bowles Heating and Cooling air conditioning maintenance page or call today.

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