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The Cause of 3 Common Heat Pump Odors in Miles, TX

common heat pump odors

Your nose is one of the best tools for detecting issues with your heat pump in Miles, TX. When things are working properly, heat pumps shouldn’t emit any smell. Here’s some information about three heat pump odors and what might cause them.

1. Anything Sweet or Chlorine-Like

The refrigerant in heat pumps smells sweet and may remind you of chlorine or antifreeze. Typically, this smell indicates there’s a refrigerant leak. It is also toxic, so you shouldn’t try to replace it yourself.

Refrigerant is essential for heat transfer, and your heat pump can’t function well without it. It’s likely to leak out of your system’s refrigerant lines when there’s damage. During maintenance or repair work, a technician can replace the lost refrigerant and properly seal up your lines.

2. Rotten Eggs

This acutely awful stench should spur you to action. A likely explanation for this smell is that a small animal has crawled somewhere into your heat pump and died there. If your heat pump uses natural gas, another possibility is that it has sprung a gas leak.

If the former is true, removing the animal may require going deep into the system’s ductwork and will probably be an unpleasant job. Let a professional isolate the source of the smell and take care of it.

3. Burning Rubber or Plastic

Heat pumps almost always run on electricity, so if you notice this odor, it’s a safe bet that your system has electrical problems. Perhaps some of the system’s wires have melted. Once again, it’s essential to call a professional for help.

Do not ignore odd odors coming from your heat pump. Every homeowner in Miles, TX should understand what the odd smells signify. Call Bowles Heating and Cooling to schedule heat pump services today.

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