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Should I Replace or Repair My Furnace in Eden, TX?

Professional Repairing Gas Furnace

Your HVAC system is one of the most important investments in your home. Keeping track of its overall efficiency can let you know when the system needs service or when it’s nearing the end of its lifespan. Here’s how you can determine if you should replace or repair your furnace in Eden, TX.

System Age

Furnaces often last about 15 to 20 years before they break down and need a replacement. If your heating system is older than 15 years and has started losing efficiency, consider upgrading to a better model. Continuing to use your old system will only increase your costs and put your family’s comfort at risk.

Cost of Repairs

If your heating system is less than a decade old, scheduling professional repairs and maintenance will keep it running for at least a few more years. On the other hand, if your outdated furnace needs repairs more than once a year, or if the repair is half the cost of a new system, a replacement is the better option to save you money.

Gas Supply Issues

Never ignore problems with your heat exchanger or pilot light. If your pilot flame is flickering or has turned a shade of yellow or orange, there’s likely an issue with the gas supply. A technician can repair the malfunctioning flame sensor or find the problem with the supply line.

Heat exchanger issues often lead to replacing the whole system. A compromised heat exchanger causes excessive internal condensation and heat, which puts the entire furnace in danger.

Higher Energy Bills

Your furnace will slowly increase your bills as it ages and loses efficiency. Bi-annual maintenance and repairs will keep your system as cost-effective as possible until it’s time for a replacement.

Consider replacing your furnace if it’s older than 15 years, is struggling with a cracked heat exchanger or requires frequent repairs. Call Bowles Heating and Cooling to learn more about our heater replacement services in Eden, TX.

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