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Reduce Cooling Cost in Paint Rock, TX This Summer With These 4 Tips

reduced cooling cost

Electric bills are rising again in Paint Rock, TX as the summer heat intensifies. You likely want to make sure that your family is able to enjoy the comfort of your home without stressing about the cost of keeping it cool. Here are a few tips to help beat the heat by reducing cooling cost without breaking your budget.

1. Properly Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Many homeowners wouldn’t think of skipping out on regular oil changes for their vehicles, but they unknowingly neglect their home HVAC system. However, a properly maintained air conditioner is one of the best investments you can make in your home.

You can easily change out your HVAC air filters yourself every two to four months as needed. You should also invest in an annual maintenance plan too. This will ensure your system gets an inspection and tune-up t a couple times a year to improve efficiency and reduce wear and tear.

2. Keep the Hot Air Out

Seal off air leaks around doors and windows with weather stripping. If you have a little more room in your budget, you can improve the insulation in your walls and attic and perhaps upgrade to double-paned glass windows. Keeping your home properly insulated and sealed is one of the best ways to lower both your cooling and heating costs all year long.

3. Adjust the Thermostat When the House Is Empty

Turn the thermostat up by as much as 10 degrees when you’re away to save money on cooling costs. You can also install a smart thermostat that can do this automatically for you.

However, don’t turn the system off completely. This would cause your home to be too hot when you get home and force the system to work non-stop for several hours during the hottest part of the day. It will actually cost you more money in the end.

4. Use Fans to Maximize Comfort

Turning on the fans in occupied rooms makes you feel cooler without having the air conditioner work harder. You can turn up the thermostat by at least a couple degrees to save on energy.

Follow these four tips to keep your energy bill in check this summer. And if your HVAC system isn’t yet on a seasonal maintenance plan, contact Bowles Heating and Cooling today to keep your AC running smoothly.

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