In the heat of summer or chill of winter in San Angelo, TX, the hum of a well-functioning HVAC unit is music to your ears. Should the equipment sound an unexpected crescendo, call the experts at Bowles Heating and Cooling. Loud or unusual noises indicate there’s something wrong with your heating or cooling system.

Squeals and Screeches

Topping the list of sounds you don’t want to hear are squealing noises. It’s crucial to pinpoint the source of racket quickly. If the screech originates from the blower motor, the problem might be as simple as a worn belt. On the other hand, a high-pitched screaming noise coming from the outdoor unit can mean the compressor is failing.

Clanks and Bangs

If your HVAC unit repeatedly makes thumping, banging or clanking noises, loose bearings or motor mounts may be to blame. If the sounds become louder or more erratic, broken or disconnected parts are the likely culprits. It’s important to take fast action to minimize repair costs. The longer you wait, the greater the damage the loose parts can do to your system.

Whistles, Pops, and Rumbles

The ductwork in central air HVAC systems operates under pressure. Noises can occur if the air pressure between the supply and returns isn’t correctly balanced. Pressure differences can cause metal ducts to expand or contract, resulting in intermittent popping noises. Clogged air filters that impede airflow can create whistling or whining sounds as the system struggles to draw in air.

If your HVAC system is making a racket, trust Bowles Heating and Cooling to troubleshoot the problem. Our service technicians have the professional qualifications you want when your comfort system needs repair. We also offer HVAC maintenance services that safeguard your wallet from future repairs. To learn more, explore our section on HVAC maintenance or call us today.

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