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Top 5 Indoor Air Quality Products for Your San Angelo Home

woman holding a face mask over her mouth and a sign that reads " How is the air quality in your home?"

Is the air in your home safe and healthy to breathe? In many San Angelo homes, indoor air is more polluted than the outdoor air in the state’s most industrialized cities. At Bowles Heating & Cooling, we’re proud to offer solutions to indoor pollution. Here are five of the most popular indoor air quality products we install in homes throughout west central Texas.

Whole-House Filters

The primary role of the flat-panel filters in most HVAC systems is to keep dirt off the equipment. In contrast, whole-house filters installed in the ductwork keep pollutants from circulating through your home. Their pleated design sifts out tiny particulates without impacting HVAC performance.

Air Purification Systems

Air cleaners and purifiers with electrostatic plates attract, capture, and kill biological pollutants. They work in tandem with your central air systems to help eliminate contaminants from mold spores to bacteria and viruses. Indoor air is purified every time the air circulates through the ductwork.


Limiting the introduction of fresh air into your home increases indoor pollution. Energy recovery ventilators replace the stale air in your home with an equal amount of pre-filtered fresh air. They use energy captured from outgoing air bring in air from outside for an energy-efficient solution.

Ultra-Violet Lights

The cooling coils and condensate drain in your AC system can harbor mold and bacteria. These organisms aren’t just bad for your health. They also impact energy efficiency and airflow. UV lights help keep critical AC components free of biological contaminants.


Humidifiers and dehumidifiers let you control the amount of moisture in the air. They help keep the air at the 30 to 50 percent humidity levels considered best for your health. You’ll breathe more comfortably, and you’ll save money on energy costs as well.

Bowles Heating and Cooling offers indoor air quality solutions you can trust to improve the health of your home. To learn more about products like our air filtration systems, call us today.

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