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Furnace Repair: When to DIY and When to Call for Professional Help

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With the weather turning cooler in San Angelo, Texas, your heating systems will be in use again. However, you must be cognizant of any signs of wear and tear in the furnace. Among those signs are strange sounds or smells, as well as hot and cold spots in different parts of your house. In some instances, you can fix the furnace problems, but it’s important that you also recognize when it is time to call in professional help.

DIY: Changing Your Filters

If your heater is not warming your home, you might have a dirty filter. Dirty filters block clean, warm air from flowing through your home. This causes your furnace to overwork, which may result in costly repairs. Change your air filter at least every three months.

DIY: Testing Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Check and test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors once a month. Their batteries need to be replaced every year. Never keep your detectors for over ten years as they will not be reliable any longer.

Get a Professional: Addressing Strange Sounds

Unusual sounds from your furnace are an indication that there is a problem inside your furnace, like loose parts or a blower wheel that is out of alignment. Ignoring the sounds will exacerbate the problem, but attempting to repair it yourself is dangerous. Get a trained technician to inspect your furnace as soon as possible. You should not address abnormal sounds on your own. Besides the potential danger, you may end up voiding your HVAC warranty.

Get a Professional: Getting Rid of Abnormal Smells

Don’t ignore any smells coming from your furnace because they may be signs of a system malfunction or gas leak. When you detect abnormal smells after you turn on your furnace, get an experienced HVAC specialist to inspect and repair your furnace.

You can address and prevent some of these problems by scheduling your seasonal HVAC maintenance with Bowles Heating and Cooling. Call us at 325-208-1892. We will make sure that your furnace is in perfect working order.

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