If rising utility bills are getting you down, you should look into purchasing a smart thermostat for your San Angelo, TX, home. Read on to learn how a smart thermostat works and how you can use one to save money.

How Do Smart Thermostats Work?

A smart thermostat lets you control the temperature in your home with a smart device. This means you can heat or cool your home remotely through an app.

The app works through Wi-Fi and connects directly to your thermostat. The app lets you control the thermostat’s settings.

Ways a Smart Thermostat Can Save You Money

Cooling your home around the clock will lead to higher utility bills. However, if you can control when your home is cooled and by how much, you’ll save quite a bit. In fact, Nest Labs did a study that showed you could save 15% on cooling, which amounts to about $130 – $145 a year.

Instead of having your AC on all day, you can program your smart thermostat to turn on about 30 minutes before you return from work. This means your home will be cool when you return, and your AC won’t have to run all day.

Another benefit of smart thermostats is you can track your energy usage. You can check on your energy usage weekly and track the changes. In doing so, you can determine the best ways to save and which parts of the day you’re using the most energy.

Smart thermostats are particularly useful if family members forget to turn off the air conditioner when they leave the house for the day. In addition, if you decide to take a road trip and the air conditioner is accidentally left on the entire time, you may be in for a rude awakening once the utility bill arrives. With a smart thermostat, you can always turn down the system remotely.

Tips for Using a Smart Thermostat Effectively

The best way to use a smart thermostat effectively is to time it according to your family’s schedule. Set the thermostat to turn off in the morning when everyone leaves for school and work. Then set it to turn off about 30 minutes to an hour before everyone returns.

If you’re leaving the house for just a few hours and don’t want to turn it off, program the thermostat so that it’s at a slightly higher temperature when the house is empty and you’re away. This is an important tip if you’re looking to save money.

When you’re looking to install a smart thermostat in your home, call Bowles Heating and Cooling in San Angelo, TX. We’ll be happy to explain your options and tell you about some other money-saving HVAC tips.

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