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Is Your Air Conditioner Working to Its Maximum Potential?

air conditioner

Air conditioning isn’t a luxury when you live in San Angelo. With summer high temperatures hovering around 95 degrees, a great AC system is a household necessity. When it comes to operating expenses, ensuring that the equipment runs as efficiently as possible is just as important. The following strategies can help you reap the full benefits of your air conditioner.

Energy-Saving Home Improvements

A few low-cost or no-cost improvements could lower your cooling costs by 10 percent. Start by sealing up any gaps in your home’s exterior walls, floors, and ceilings. Air infiltration forces your air conditioner to run longer to keep you comfortable. Blocking solar radiation improves performance too. These simple tips can reduce energy consumption and enhance your comfort.


  • Seal gaps around drafty windows with weather stripping, caulk or spray foam.
  • Install door sweeps to the bottom of exterior doors to keep the cool air inside.
  • Use inexpensive socket sealers to prevent air leakage through electrical outlets.
  • Make sure the rugs and furnishings aren’t blocking floor vents and registers.
  • Keep drapes, blinds, and window shades closed in warm weather.
  • Plant a shade tree on the south-facing side of your home.

Schedule an AC Tune-Up

Dirt and neglect are the leading causes of AC system inefficiency. Even a small amount of dirt can have a significant impact on efficiency. Faulty components also compromise system performance. Problems with airflow, for example, can reduce efficiency by 15 percent. To ensure your air conditioner is operating properly, have routine maintenance performed by qualified AC repair contractors. Skilled technicians can spot and address potential problems before they lead to a major malfunction.

From timely repairs to maintenance, Bowles Heating and Cooling provides the services you need over the life of your AC system. To learn more about the professional care our AC repair experts provide, check out our maintenance services or call us for more info.

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