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4 Tips for Improving IAQ for Elderly Family Members in Eden, TX

enjoying good IAQ

Improving your indoor air quality (IAQ) also improves the quality of life for any elderly people living in your home. Pet dander, animal hair, dust and pollen are just some of the factors that lower your IAQ. Below, learn some simple ways you can improve the IAQ of your Eden, TX home.

1. Replace Your AC

If it’s on its last legs, replacing your AC can help, as air conditioners help regulate the humidity within your home. Older units struggle with humidity levels, which can aggravate those with breathing conditions like asthma.

2. Install a Whole-Home Air Purifier

Though air purifiers come in different sizes, the smaller units can produce harsh chemicals that affect older people. Installing a whole-home air purifier improves your air quality because it removes toxins from the air such as cigarette smoke plus bacteria and viruses. Look for a unit that covers the total square footage of your home.

3. Consider a Dehumidifier

Eden, TX often experiences a lot of humidity, which causes breathing problems among the elderly. Adding a dehumidifier lets you remove some of that excess moisture to keep them comfortable. There are some units on the market that are big enough to cover your entire home as well as smaller units you can place in a loved one’s bedroom.

4. Opt for an Air Cleaner

An air cleaner is a device designed to remove toxins and particles from the air. Once installed, circulating air will pass through multiple layers of filters to remove as many particles as possible before it releases clean air. Air cleaners do a very good job of improving your IAQ.

Get Help for Your Loved Ones

Get help improving the indoor air quality of your home and the elderly people who live with you. Bowles Heating and Cooling can install a new HVAC or other indoor air quality appliances you need. Call Bowles Heating and Cooling today to see how changing your air filters and adding new devices can help your elderly family members get the fresh, clean air they need.

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