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4 Sounds Coming From Your AC You Shouldn’t Ignore

AC system

On hot Grape Creek, TX, days, it’s tempting to pretend you don’t hear the strange noises coming from your AC. Ignoring those sounds can result in some costly repairs that leave you without the cool air you need for days or longer. Check out some of the common signs you might hear from your AC and what they mean.


When you hear a soft hissing noise that almost sounds like a snake, you likely have a leak. The hissing can occur because of a refrigerant leak or let you know that you have a broken seal. It can make the AC run less efficiently than it should.


You usually hear your AC clicking when you turn it on, which is a good sign as it means it works properly. If you hear more clicks than you did before or the clicks last longer, it’s likely an issue with the capacitor. You need to get a professional out to determine the AC repair you need.


Before you hear screeching coming from your AC, you may hear some squeaks. Those squeaks let you know that the compressor is on its last legs. By the time the compressor starts screeching, it’s a clear indication you probably have a large repair in front of you or a new compressor is needed.


It’s not common to hear your HVAC banging unless there is a loose part inside. You may have a minor problem like a screw that fell to the bottom, but it can also be a sign of a bigger problem like a piston that causes the fan or blower to work harder. An HVAC expert can determine the cause of that sound.

The strange noises you hear coming from your AC can make worry that you need more repairs than you can afford. Bowles Heating and Cooling can get to the bottom of the problem and find out what causes those sounds. Call Bowles Heating and Cooling today to have someone look at your AC or to schedule AC maintenance before you hear a peep.

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