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3 Threats to IAQ in Paint Rock, TX

Dust can lead to poor IAQ

Failure to keep indoor air quality (IAQ) high may eventually result in health problems, HVAC breakdowns, unnecessarily high utility bills and more. If you’re a homeowner in Paint Rock, TX, you need to note the things that might degrade the quality of your indoor air. Here are three serious threats to healthy IAQ.

1. Dust

Dust can float through the air, settle on surfaces and move into your home from a virtually endless list of sources, making it nearly impossible to eliminate. Dust mites can also attach themselves to wafting particles of dust and compound your IAQ issues.

These things make dust a major threat to your respiratory health and even your ability to sleep soundly. Dust can also impede airflow through your HVAC system when it settles in the system’s interior, increasing the risk of malfunctioning. To minimize these threats, you need to diligently clean and dust your home, use air purifiers, change your HVAC air filters at least every 90 days and never forget to schedule maintenance.

2. Pollen

Now that spring has rolled around, the need to keep pollen out of your home has become especially pressing. Pollen can fly into your home unnoticed through open doors or windows, and it can have much the same effects on your health as dust or dust mites have. On top of this, pollen can inflame the seasonal allergies of those who inhale it, and, in severe or prolonged circumstances, it can even trigger allergic reactions in those who haven’t experienced them before.

3. Pets

Pets can compound the IAQ issues that dust and pollen cause by bringing more of those substances into your home from outside. They can also introduce more issues. Dogs, cats and other furry pets frequently shed their hair and dander, further damaging IAQ.

Fortunately, none of these threats is insurmountable. Call our team at Bowles Heating and Cooling to enjoy the best IAQ products and services in Paint Rock, TX.

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