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Thank you for the prompt service from Terry Foreman. I am grateful for the service

Dothy Haelsher

Your serviceman, Ron Williams, just left after doing our spring service check. We are so please with your service and personnel that I just had to take this opportunity to let you know. We have been happy Bowles customers for most the 18 years that we have been in San Angelo and look forward to many more years of quality Bowles’ service.

John Moore

Tim did an outstanding job!

Rio Concho West

David did an outstanding job.

John Davis

Roy did an outstanding job. He was very polite and helpful and did his job well. Looking forward to having him back in the fall or as needed.

Willard Hartnagle

Thank you so much for taking the time to be honest and for doing a wonderful job. We were so happy we recommended you to our sister and shes extremely happy too.

Thank you!

Toby & Vickie Tovias

I love my new unit. My electricity last July was $355.50 compared to this years $174.00! Great Job.

Dennis Winterowd

I just had my A/C worked on by David Ricks and just want to complement this gentleman on his work and professionalism. My A/C is up and running and once again I really appreciate the great work and won’t  hesitate to contact Bowles again. you guys are great and I will be contacting you to see about a preventive maintenance contract. Keep up the good work!

Donald Webb

Dear Mr. Bowles:

We had another good experience with the Bowles Heating And Cooling folks, and wanted you to know that.

When we came home from a little vacation Sunday night, we found the kitchen floor full of water...and the ceiling obviously had been “filtering” that water for some time. We had no idea that was causing that dreadful leak, but assumed it was the AC line since the leak was very close to the AC outlet. (That tells you why we’re not involved with the AC business doesn't it?) We called your office Monday. As usual, the woman there was charming and helpful, and promised a serviceman would be here by 10. We were delighted that at 9:59, your man arrived, as promised!

He looked things over, and right away knew the problem wasn’t with our AC unit. But the kind man actually went into the attic to see if he could find out what WAS the problem. He discovered that the water line going from the kitchen sink up through the attic, and down on the other side to the refrigerator and ice cube maker, had burst, and that was what was giving us the constant shower. He shut it off.

The great part was that, since it “wasn't an AC problem” and he “didn't really do any repair work,” there was no charge! Yet he discovered what the problem was, and solved it for us. How nice! How typical of the folks you employ. We didn't catch his name, but we hope you’ll know which man came here, and will tell him our thanks! Thanks to you, too, for such high quality in both product and service personnel!

Ken & Rose Swets

We would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to the Bowles Company family, but especially to David and Terry for going out of their way to fix our AC prior to the heat wave arriving. Due to my (Rebecca’s) health issues, having our AC working is literally a lifesaver.

Thank you again and we will highly recommend Bowles to everyone.

Ed Rauss & Rebecca Rauss

It was great seeing yall last week. Thanks for showing me your operation. I have already shared your information with a young dealer and they are very grateful. I am looking forward to a long relationship that is profitable for both of us. 

Thanks for your business. See you soon.

Jim Hamlin
Hunton Distribution

You did an outstanding job. Very polite very friendly and hard working young man.

Thanks for the fast service.

Sally Kellermeier

We want to say a BIG THANKYOU! For the timely and great work all your men did on our Install. Thank you so much and blessings to all of you. 

Robert & Eve Hogue

Outstanding job on the new install. Great unit!
-Tip Hargrove

I want him back. David Ricks did an outstanding job. Glad we chose him to do our work.

Richard Gregor

Outstanding Job. Glad we chose him to do our work.

Kenneth Swet

Did an outstanding job! Terry Foreman did an excellent job! Could have not asked for anyone better and I want to use them again.

John Davis

Dear Mr. Bowles:


You have some very special people working with and for you. While you already knew that, we’re a couple of very satisfied customers who want to reinforce that with you.

Yesterday, we had a sudden water leak from our AC unit, and called Bowles right away. Not only was the woman understanding, she was most helpful and though she’d have a service person get here that very afternoon. How nice! Then, it can’t have been more than twenty minutes later when the Bowles vehicle drove up and David Ricks came to the door! We couldn't get over that immediate response! not only that, but Mr. Ricks is pleasant, polite, clean, and obviously knows what he’s doing. He went right to the unit, knew exactly what had to be done, and went to work to fix it. And in what seemed like just minutes, Mr. Ricks was finished! We were...we ARE...delighted!

You’re to be commended for having the kind of folks you have in your employ. Mr. Ricks is one of those good guys. A few weeks ago we had another Bowles man here (didn’t catch his name), to fix what WE thought was a water leak in the AC system. It wasn't and your man knew that right away. He told us what the problem was (pumping, it turned out), and didn't charge us as he “didn't have to do anything!”

Amazing, isn't it? See why we like Bowles?!? Thanks most sincerely!

Ken & Rose Swets

David you did an outstanding job. We will call you back!

Ken Swets

Dear Mr. Bowles,

I just wanted to tell you how awesome the Split Mini Mitsubishi A/C is. Very cold with low energy costs. Our 1,500 square foot house stays at 75 degrees with the electric bill costing the last two months $50 a month. Nate, these two months have had an outside temperature of 100 degrees plus! Thank you!

Matt our installer was so professional and proficient.

Rick & Donna Kent