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Air filtration is an integral part of any HVAC system. Filters protect your equipment from damaging dirt, and debris which can both cause parts failures and loss of system performance. For example even 1/16" build up of dirt on your coil can cut your efficiency in half Air filter go beyond just protecting your air equipment. The HVAC filter is the main air cleaner for your home. Deciding which filter is best for your home is a decision our staff is happy to help you with. The best filter can catch up to 99.99% of all air-born particulates. Some also use a static charged zone to kill virus' and bacteria.


Bowles Heating and Cooling provides EZ Flex or "Top Hat" Filters with every new installation, unless request otherwise or space prohibitive.  Below the ez flex filter is shown with its removable plastic end caps.  These filters are 4 inch thick meshpleat and last 6 months on average.  This filter is championed for its durability, filtration and its ability to not be restrictive to airflow. 


 Universal throw away filters -pleated or "hog hair."  These can vary greatly, some provide almost no air filtering while others can have a high filtration quality but because these filters often have very little surface area actually harmful to the performance of your equipment as they prevent too much air from flowing into the system. We recommend at a minimum using a 2" pleated filter when it will work.